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A teddy bear is the most wonderful gift. They have been popular for generations, invented at the beginning of the 20th century, and quickly becoming one of the most treasured possessions we own. Teddy bears have been lovingly gifted to people across the globe, much to the delight of the recipient. No matter whether you are a toddler, teenager or even a fully grown adult - a teddy bear is the perfect present for anyone. There can't be many people who haven't owned a bear at one time or another!

At Grin & Bear, we completely adore teddy bears - especially the founder of the business, Michael Dankwah. Teddy bears have obtained a reputation as adorable symbols of peace,love and playfulness, which Michael loves to replicate. He has always enjoyed crafting teddy bears, but he didn’t realise this could be a viable business until he created a Christmas teddy gift for his best friend. Since then, Michael has been designing the most wonderful teddies for customers from all over the world, each made with the same care and dedication as the last. Michael even designs the Christmas teddy bear for Liberty and always looks forward to selecting the new Liberty prints for the bears each year.

Michael’s teddy bears are available in a wide variety of different designs and styles. He would be more than happy to work with you on a bespoke project to design your dream furry friend, with an understanding that making teddy bears is about tender, loving care. No matter whether you would like to buy a more traditional bear with a classic feel or would like something completely different such as an icon bear or luxury teddy bear, our collections offer something for all tastes. Michael has a huge love for stylish prints and brave designs, so there truly is a bear to suit everyone. Just take a look at the bears Michael designs, and you will understand why his bears were always destined for stardom, warming your heart. His reputation is growing worldwide, delighting customers from every corner of the Earth.

Each Grin & Bear creation is meticulously designed in Michael’s small London studio, with every teddy bear following the same design approach, using the highest quality materials and handpicked fabrics. His aim has always been to continue the incredible lasting legacy that teddy bears enjoy, ensuring that the same love and adoration follows in the hearts and minds of everyone who receives them. We will bring to life your dream for a unique teddy bear, which will reflect everything you hold closest to your heart in your new forever friend.

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