City Collection

City Collection

There are so many wonderful places across the world to visit, and travel plays a huge role in many people’s lives. With the Grin & Bear Icon collection, we try to capture the essence of these popular destinations in a gorgeous keepsake teddy. From London to across the pond in New York, we sum up exactly what makes these locations exemplary in a teddy bear. Our glorious print designs feature all of the well-known aspects of these cities, allowing you to enjoy what these destinations have to offer through a loveable, handmade teddy bear.

Teddy bears are such a gorgeous, traditional and timeless toy and are known for their powerful ability to keep memories alive, and even make new ones. You are never too old to have a teddy bear, as they can stay with you throughout your entire life and get passed down to your younger family members. Teddies live through their own stories and evoke lasting emotions with their owners - so you may want your hobbies and interests to be reflected in the bear’s design, like travelling.

Our Icon collection bears would be the perfect gift for any avid globetrotter, especially if you are looking for a travel buddy to take along with you on your next adventure away. Together you can experience new environments and destinations, no matter whether you are exploring a famous city or lounging in the sun. You could even treat your new companion to their very own teddy bear passport, as your companion deserves to travel with their own documentation. All you need to do is make sure your teddy bear is packed and ready to go.

These Icon bears can also be a delightful keepsake for anyone who has a particular connection to a location. However, if your favourite destination is not displayed on our website, we can always work on a bespoke project for you. You can have a chat with Michael and his team to design a completely unique, custom teddy bear that can be based on any location in the world - it is completely up to you. Your handmade teddy bear can be made exactly how you envisioned with the finest materials and hand-picked fabrics that you will certainly fall in love with. Here at Grin & Bear, our goal is to bring to life your dream teddy bear companion and ensure it reflects the things you hold closest to your heart.

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