Luxury Collection

Luxury Collection

At Grin & Bear, we are delighted that we have ability to design some of the most luxurious teddy bears which are handcrafted at our London studio. The first teddy bears appeared at the very beginning of the 20th century, making them such a traditional and timeless toy. We try to reflect these classic teddy bear designs in our luxury collection but with a distinctive Grin & Bear twist - taking the teddy bear experience to the next level.

Grin & Bear have become synonymous with quality and tradition, designing a varied range of charming and elaborate luxury teddy bears for customers across the globe. The luxury collection of teddy bears that Michael designs are meticulously handmade. With every design, there is a complete focus on care and the highest standards of craftsmanship, using only premium materials. All of our luxury furry companions are stitched and sewn using gorgeous fabrics such as mohair, wool, cashmere and velvet. You can guarantee that these lovingly created heirlooms are of the very best quality and will warm hearts for generations to come.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd with some of the most special bears in our entire website collection, these luxury teddy bears would be the perfect choice for you. Our bears are the most wonderful special gift that will stay with you for a lifetime, the perfect expression of love, friendship and happiness. Many of the bears can even be customised by adding embroidery or a unique personal touch, where it will be embroidered by our specialist artisan team. You can be sure Michael as designer will be able to bring your idea to life, and his creation will be guaranteed to warm your heart.

As well as looking delightful, the Grin & Bear teddy bears are filled with playful charm, acting as companions, comforters and a constant source of ideas for both adults and children. Their global reputation of peace, love and playfulness is kept alive with our designs, with Michael stitching everything by hand and stuffing them with love. He has created thousands of bears for clients all over the world, proving the exceptional reputation he has built after turning his passion into a business, as there is a bear in his repertoire to delight everyone. Michael is always planning to expand and perfect his range, creating both bespoke designs and a curated assortment of fabulous teddy bears, with a bear to suit the young, old and everyone else in-between.

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