Classic Collection

Classic Collection

Perfect for avid collectors or as an adorable, loving gift, our classic teddy bear collection wonderfully captures our joy for more traditional, but fun, designs. Each piece is brought to life in our UK-based workshop, using the highest quality materials, with easily recognisable patterns, such as florals, love hearts and stars - just to name a few. Michael has an extensive background in fashion and design, so he has an eye for stylish prints and these truly loved classic designs. Our collection is adored and cherished by many of our customers, giving them heirlooms to pass down through their family, with every bear being full to the brim with love. Each traditional bear is designed with luxury in mind, and the bears are looking forward to joining their new owners on the journey home, which could be anywhere in the world.

Teddy bears have remained a timeless gift since the early 20th century, perfect for adults and children alike. Most of us have owned a teddy bear companion during at least one stage of our lives, and everybody loves a traditional bear, so no gift to a loved one can show as much consideration as a Grin & Bear creation. All of the delightful companions have a life of their own, meticulously stitched and sewn to act as your new friend, creating lasting memories for years, and even generations, to come. Our bears are sure to fit in perfectly to any existing teddy bear collection.

Each and every handmade teddy bear Michael designs is crafted with the highest levels of care and dedication. He works from our London-based studio using the finest materials and beautiful, hand-picked fabrics, tirelessly creating the most beautiful keepsakes that you and your loved ones can treasure forever. The superb quality teddies Michael creates just proves his complete dedication to Grin & Bear, as he spends his time designing the ultimate companions for anyone to cuddle.

Within our classic range, there are a variety of bears available for every taste imaginable. No matter what your preferences may be, you will be able to find a loving classic friend to tick all of your boxes, with gleaming eyes and the sweetest features you are bound to love. The Grin & Bear teddies have found homes all over the world, as Michael’s reputation has spread to all corners of the globe, continuing the legacy of teddy bears in the hearts and minds of everyone they touch.

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