Bunny Rabbit Collection

Bunny Rabbit Collection

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears

At Grin & bear, we always want to capture joy in each of our creations. This is no different with the introduction of the new Bunny Teddy range. From The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland to Peter Rabbit in The Beatrix Potter tales, bunny rabbits have delighted generations of children.  Our Bunny Teddies continue this legacy with their cute long ears making them the best confidants you could wish for. Grin & Bear’s bunny rabbit toys are perfect companions to the bears, so much so that we like to refer to them as bunny rabbit teddies.

Fully Mobile Bunny Teddy Soft Toys

The bunny rabbits are a unique design and have fully jointed arms and legs which can rotate 360 degrees, creating a mobile soft toy bunny rabbit which is full of character. You can position your new rabbit friend in any way you want. Perched on the edge of a bookcase or fireplace, hanging over your child’s bed or even out and about as they are so easy to take with you on your travel adventures!

A Rabbit Teddy Designed to Charm

Full of old-world charm and a modern playful sensibility, each rabbit teddy is made with natural materials in either 100% cotton or a mohair and wool combination - and the classic white bunny bobtail is made of soft fleece. These bunny rabbit toys have distinctive long ears, bright black eyes, black cotton whiskers and a hand-stitched smiling face guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any adult or child.

The standing height of each bunny teddy bear is 36cm and the sitting height is 31cm. The bunnies’ arms and legs are fully mobile which means that they take on a unique character as you move them into different positions.

A Bunny Rabbit Teddy for everyone

Two of the bunny teddies are in beautiful Liberty fabric prints including Louisa pink bunny rabbit and Christopher, our Queue at The Zoo Liberty print bunny rabbit. Our Blue bunny rabbit is in a classic blue star print and Ophelia is a bunny for Springtime with her floral print. Last but not least is Edwin is our cuddly wool and mohair bunny rabbit in a neutral cream colour from our Luxury Collection.

Our bunny teddy range is suitable for newborns, children and adults too, because let’s face it, who can resist a cute bunny rabbit as a new companion?

Design a Unique and Personalised Bunny Rabbit Teddy

Grin & Bear’s founder Michael designed many different animals before deciding on the bunny teddy. Choose from our wonderful selection of bunny rabbit teddy bears above, or work with Michael to design your very own personalised bunny rabbit teddy. Whichever you choose, you will enter a whole new magical world of irresistible bunny rabbit toys.

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