Prince Charles has one; Elvis adored his and named a song after it, while actress Dame Judi Dench is a well-known collector of them. From Winnie the Pooh to the Care Bears and Paddington, these cute little animals have gained a global reputation as adorable symbols of peace, love and playfulness, which is why we love making them at Grin & Bear.

Our story is built on friendship and love. A few years ago with Christmas approaching and in a scramble to find a last minute present for a friend, I decided to create something personal. I was either foolish or ambitious as Christmas was only 2 days away. I searched frantically through my craft box and found some fabric which I knew she would love and just like a miracle I discovered an old teddy bear pattern. I spent the entire afternoon creating this bear (Castano Bear) and i must say I was completely surprised at the result.

Indeed the foundation of the Grin & Bear business is built upon a simple testament to continuing the legacy that teddy bears have already conjured in the hearts and minds of everyone, and not just Elvis Presley; a legacy that endures today from the captivating memories of their early creation.