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To add that extra touch of individuality, we invite you to discover our world of bespoke bears. "Bespoke" is our unique service for a bear that truly reflects you.

Taking you on a journey of inspiration through the world of fabric, delicate embroideries and different textures - translating them all into key elements of your own bear. We are only bound by the limits of imagination.

Skilled artisans lovingly handcraft each bear. The artisanal process requires an average of 2 weeks work by highly skilled craftsmen to realise your vision. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, your bear is carefully crafted by our small team of bear artists. Nothing is rushed. Every detail from the placement of the eyes to the stroke of needle and thread that brings the smile to your bear’s face is done with the greatest care.
We do all this to ensure we meet our standard of craftsmanship whilst respecting your vision.