Bespoke Birthday Teddy Bear

Creating bespoke bears involves a lot of back and forth. It usually starts with an email from a client requesting information about a bespoke bear. 

A case in point was an email from a man named Wave. Below is a snippet of his initial email 

Hi, I would like to request a customise teddy bear for my girlfriend who birthday will be on the 12th of May and send it to her by delivery on that day as I cannot be with her on her birthday

Her name has a meaning of the sky so it would be nice if the colour of the bear will have an element of the sky, however I would prefer the colour of the bear not to be too bright so mixtures of darker colour with lighter colour is preferred, such as blue and grey and I would also prefer the bear to also have a bow tie on its neck like in your display pictures

The fabric I prefer is '100% Wool- Donegal Tweed woven in Ireland like the Gerrit teddy bear which has the contrast of colours

From the look of the email it seems quite straight forward. A bespoke birthday bear for his girlfriend with blue and green colour tones in a Donegal tweed. 

This is where the fun begins for us. The search for the fabric. My enthusiasm at this point is usually rewarded with an amazing fabric find but this time despite my many attempts I kept coming up short until I stumbled upon a collection of wools and tweeds and off they were sent to the client to make a decision. For clients who are a little further away, in the case of Wave he lived in Germany while his girlfriend is in London choosing fabric is tricky. Often times images do not show up the colours as well as they appear in life so it takes a lot of description on our part to get the client to see the material as we have it in front of us.

Happily, Wave was able to choose one of the fabrics we sent him and the bear was made and delivered to his girlfriend on the morning of her birthday. We had a little fun with the photo of the bear as you can see below.


Happy birthday Ladfah

Happy birthday Ladfah

Michael Dankwah