Forever 21 - Birthday Teddy Bear

Turning 21 is a milestone in most people's life. It is often seen as the first real step into adulthood. It is understandable that all caution is thrown out of the window in some cases when it comes to celebrating the big year and of course the gifts follow suit. 

One tradition from the past that lives on today in many countries around the world is the giving of a 21st birthday key. The tradition originated many years ago and the gesture of giving the key was that at the age of 21, you were considered to be old enough to own a key to the house.

In 2017 perhaps many people might not make use of such a tradition but it helps raise a very important question. What makes the perfect 21st birthday present? Seeing as its a milestone year, the present needs to reflect this and often people tend to gear towards gifts that will last. Jewellery is very popular as it grows with the wearer and the can look back on it fondly.

What about a 21st birthday teddy bear?

We were approached by parents who wanted to to create a special happy birthday bear for their daughter's 21st birthday. This usually falls into our bespoke bear service and often involves a lot of consultation with the creator to make the perfect bear. This time around the parents were knew exactly what they wanted even down to what fabric the bear was to be made from. This obviously helps the process. So off we went and designed her a 21st birthday teddy bear

Below is the finished product. Thoughts?