Frequently Asked Questions About Our Teddy Bears

If you can imagine it then i've been asked it. I am faced with a multitude of questions from clients who purchase either our classic teddy bears or create bespoke bears and also our personalised teddy bears.

I have decided to compile a list of questions which hopefully can answer some of the questions our readers may have.

  1. Are you bears like Build A Bear? This can be a difficult question to answer. On hand hand the basic concept of Build-A-Bear is the same principle that our bespoke and personalised bears are built on. They describe their process as "an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of the customer's choosing is assembled and customised during their visit to the store. At Grin & Bear our process is a little more intimate and takes more time. We believe in taking our time to create each bear so nothing is rushed and the end result is a reflection of that.
  2. How do i clean my teddy bear? This is quite simple really. Spot clean with soapy water with a flannel or small towel and let it dry naturally.
  3. Are all your bears the same? Like all families, our family of bears is truly unique! They come in the same shape but because of the different textures and materials we use each bear has a unique look and feel. The craftsmanship and quality of course remains the same.
  4. Can my bear be personalised? We personalise bears with  any message you want! 
  5. Have a good day and please submit any questions you have about teddy bears.
Michael Dankwah