Airport Run

Teddy bears really have a special place in the hearts of many people. Being a teddy bear maker I often encounter many people who have stories about their relationship with their bears. Interestingly plush teddy bears or bears in general transcend people's social or economic backgrounds. It could be someone from a uniquely privileged upbringing to a humble little boy or girl cherishing their stuffed toy and growing up with it.

I was recently contacted by a father who wanted to buy 3 teddy bears for his daughter and her 2 cousins. The was only on requirement. The teddy bears had to be personalised with their names and on top of this the bears had to be delivered to Heathrow Airport to be taken on a flight so the father could hand deliver the 3 bear friends himself...


And all of this would have to be done in under a week to meet the 7am teddy bear delivery to the airport.

The process of creating a personalised teddy bear isn't as time consuming as a bespoke bear. The personalised bear is often a classic teddy bear from our range which is then personalised to the clients specification - in this case having names embroidered on the bears.

Abandoned teddy bears at airports - Airports can often be very chaotic places and in the middle of all this sadly a teddy bear can be left behind. I won't try to guess the number of teddy bears that are left at airports around the world throughout the year but it must be a great number.