The True Meaning of Christmas

Some 2000 years, the birth of Christ despite its significance took place without much fanfare. The newborn child was given as gifts from 3 travellers: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Their gifts are shrouded in biblical symbolism as to what the child would become.

Christmas - a time for giving? 

Christmas - a time for giving? 

Christmas, which has become a celebration of this birth mixed in with other traditions is generally seen around the world as a time of merry making, gift giving and general hysteria in a effort to get everything sorted in time for that one day. Everything needs to be perfect. The food, the gifts, the decorations, having the family around and the list goes on.

I recently watched a Christmas themed episode of Family Guy which had an interesting spin on probably the most important figure in the modern Christmas tradition - Santa Claus. As kids we are led to believe in the magic of Santa and the gifts he brings us and thats where this particular episode begins. 

Stewie who is assisted by Brian reluctantly travels to the North Pole is his attempt to find and kill Santa for a rather rude and unchristmasy Santa he encounters at his local mall. After a tortuous journey which includes hitchhiking and car accidents they finally reach the North Pole and prepare to enter Santa's Workshop. To their horror, they discover Santa is on the brink of death from exhaustion, his elves have mutated into weird creatures from the constant demands on them to create presents. Santa informs them as each year the need for presents grows the demands on himself and his workshop increases. To complicate matters, this year Santa is literally too sick to deliver presents to all the children of the world in time for Christmas. So Stewie and Brina step in to rectify this. Their attempts albeit noble fails disastrously and people wake up on Christmas morning with the shock of not seeing any gifts under their trees.

Brian and Steele quickly appear on television to tell the world about the plight of Santa and his workshop and challenge everyone to ask for or give just one gift for Christmas thereby reducing the toll on Santa and his workshop.  

Now i know this story is only fictional but the demand for Christmas presents intensifies each year so perhaps a lesson can be drawn from the story. Whatever the true meaning of Christmas is, can we focus on what the season is meant to be about instead of working ourselves into a frenzy over just one day? 

Michael Dankwah