Unique Christening Gifts for Baby Boys or Girls

I have been fortunate in the last year to be blessed with a niece and a nephew and another one on the way in the new few months.  I experienced something quite extraordinary - the true manifestation of unselfish love. I know how ridiculous it may sound to say this but seeing those little ones and spending time with them and seeing them grow into their own personalities is a rare experience (i have cried many times)

In a few months time, I'm going to relive this experience right from the start again and of course this calls for a unique christening gift. You would think being able to make a teddy bear would make it a lot  easier in to choosing the right gift, but in fact that perhaps complicates matters. It is often said a teddy bear is the first friend a child creates a bond with so naturally a lot of thought has to go into this little friend to ensure it's the perfect fit for the new baby.  

Below is our ultimate teddy bear guide for creating an unique christening gift .

Materials - choosing materials is probably the most challenging part of designing a christening gift. Babies especially love comfort. The idea of a soft toy needs to be something that is tactile. Materials that are soft to the touch are the first port of call. The possibilities are endless really. Often cashmere comes to mind. Also alpaca and mohair and perhaps a soft wool. I tend to go for natural fibres so a very small percentage of nylon or polyester. The synthetic fibre gives the bear the added strength it requires seeing as it's going to be in constant use by a child. 

Personalisation - this part of the process is the most creative. This is where we try to create a bear filled with the personality of it's receiver. The conversation often revolves around what the child likes and dislikes, what kind of personality traits they are starting to display. All of this we take into consideration before coming up with a design for a bear. Often one suggestion for a christening bear is to have the child's name and date of birth embroidered onto a part of the bear. A permanent reminder and also a momento for the future, turly a unique christening gift.

Intricate embroidery helps create a truly unique gift

Intricate embroidery helps create a truly unique gift