Teddy Bear Facts

In 1902, U.S.  President Theodore Roosevelt, also known as Teddy Roosevelt, was out hunting. He came across a bear cub that would have been a great hunting trophy but he chose to let the bear live. (Actually, people brought it to him and he refused to shoot it.) The story spread quickly and the Teddy Bear came to be!

Baloo, from the Jungle Book movie is a Sloth bear. Sloth bears have shaggy, dusty black coats. A cream coloured crescent usually marks their chests.

So for fun facts about teddy bears, other famous bears are… Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, Yogi Bear & Boo Boo, Care bears, Smokey the Bear, Fozzie Bear (from The Muppet Show), The three Bears (friends of Goldilocks), Gummi bears, Rupert, Corduroy, Little John (from Disney’s Robin Hood cartoon) and the Berenstain Bears.

Some species of bears makes nests...in trees! Not all but many tend to bend down tress branches and make sitting areas that look like birds nests.

There are 8 bear species in all and some of these species have many sub-species

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first use of the term teddy bear to 1906

Bear hugs predate the teddy bear by 60 years. The term bear hug was first recorded in 1846

Some who collects or is particularly fond fond of teddy bears is called an "arctophile"