New Year's Resolution

A quick google search reveals that 32% of people make New Year's resolutions each year. Unfortunately most people break this vow by the end of the second month in the New Year. Im watching an exercise bike which has become a laundry basket as I type this. The most popular resolutions on most people's New Year's list are; lose weight, get fitter, eat more healthily, take better care of my appearance, spend more time with friends and family, find more me time, find a better work-to-life balance, give up smoking... and the list goes on.



I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions but this year i've decided to go into 2017 with a list of my own. I am going to be cunning in my approach as each resolution is linked to a significant milestone in my life or the people around me.

  1. Join the gym - Now this sounds like the most obvious resolution to go for however the milestone it's linked to is my 30th birthday and i have always had a fear of gyms. Not a rational fear but one that comes out of my complete lack of interest and also not having a clue what to do if i entered a gym.
  2. Learn to swim - Again this is linked to another milestone. My best friend is also turning 30 this summer and he has very generously booked an Italian villa complete with a pool for this birthday and he insists on me learning to swim so i can join in the festivities and in the process learn an essential life skill.
  3. Learn to play the piano - this is a promise i make myself each year. I have in the past had piano lessons but i never took it seriously until now. I have a piano somewhere in my house collecting dust and now I've found a willing teacher who's agreed to take me through the paces once again.

Bring on 2017 is all i can say

Michael Dankwah