My First Christmas Teddy Bear

Following on from my previous post about rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas, I had 2 very heart warming emails that brought into focus what a well thought of Christmas gift can bring to its receiver.

One of the points I made about the birth of Jesus was the gifts bestowed upon him by the 3 travellers who came to see him. They brought him gold, frankincense and myrrh. However stranger those gifts might sound to us now, they had a symbolic meaning so which pointed to the path Jesus' life would take. 

I digress a little but perhaps just like with the gifts bestowed onto the child Jesus, there is nothing better than the joy of seeing a child's face on Christmas as he or she opens their presents. Christmas time for someone who creates handmade bespoke teddy bears as you can imagine can be very busy. I had 2 very specific requests for a first Christmas teddy and bunny for a little boy's first Christmas and a little girl named Lilli Grace. The bear for the little boy was the most challenging as the order came in just after the cut off point for our Christmas deliveries but wanting not to disappoint a boy on his first Christmas we worked hard to produce the bear and sent if off just in time for Christmas and this says it all. The very essence of why we create teddy bears.

"I was very impressed with the bear and the service. Even though it was clearly stated that the bear would not arrive by Christmas, it was a lovely surprise when it did actually arrive just before Christmas and so we were able to take photos of us presenting it to our baby son as his 1st Christmas present"
Grace the little bunny on her way to meet her new friend Lilli Grace

Grace the little bunny on her way to meet her new friend Lilli Grace

Our second request was for a little girl named Lilli Rose. Each of our teddy bears and now our bunny rabbit stuffed toys comes with a name and a personality which often times makes it easier for our new teddy bear owners to form a bond with them. This particular order was for a little girl named Lilli Grace. Grace also happened to be the name of one of our new little bunnies in the soft toy range. I am glad to say that a special little girl will be waking up on Christmas morning with a little namesake soft toy and judging from this message we received we hope she loves and bunny and has lots of adventures with her.

"Grace the bunny is Christmas present for a little girl called lilli Grace. She would love it. Thank you for an amazing service"